About www.lidar-uk.com

A little information about the team behind the website.

LiDAR UK was created by Bluesky International Limited as a resource to give users and clients more information about LiDAR, its background, its history and its uses. It is an amalgamation of information from different sources, brought together into one website to produce a definitive resource regarding the technology of laser detection.

Bluesky is an industry leading supplier of geographical information, specialising in airborne data collection and processing. It is at the forefront of new survey technologies including thermal imagery and night mapping, and is constantly updating its product catalogue.

Bluesky also runs the website www.OldAerialPhotos.com which houses a vast archive of historical aerial photography, with aerial surveys dating back to 1917 and including every decade up to the present day. The Old Aerial Photos archive amounts to well over 2,000,000 photographs and is constantly expanding.

To contact Bluesky please phone +44 (0)1530 518518 or visit the website at www.bluesky-world.com

To enquire about Old Aerial Photos please phone +44 (0)1530 518528 or visit www.oldaerialphotos.com